Transaction details

Different types of transactions have a lot in common, although they can vary in some parts. To tackle this issue, transactions are embedded with a Transaction Details schema which depends on the type of payment product used to process the transaction. This can also be seen in the POST /transaction/start call.

For more information about additional merchant data click here.

The following sections show the different details types available:


    checkout_id <string>: Optional reference to a checkout object
    redirect_url <string>: The return url to which the customer is redirected after an approval
    force_3DSecure <boolean>: Force 3D Secure on this transaction
    capture_now <boolean>: Whether auto-capture or not. Defaults to 'true'. Setting the boolean to 'false' will only authorize the transaction
    card_holder <string>: Cardholder's name
    card_token <string>: Card token. For performing a transaction based on a card token. The fields card_holder, card_token, card_cvv and card_expiry_month and card_expiry_year are required
    card_cvv <string>: Card CVV. Please be aware that due to PCI compliance you're never allowed to store the CVV
    card_expiry_month <integer>: The card expiry month
    card_expiry_year <integer>: The card expiry year
    origin <string>: The fully qualified Origin of your application (used for hosted card iFrame integration)
    redirect_parent_function <string>: Redirect parent window function name (used for hosted card iFrame integration)